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Current French Selection


Our French series is currently out of print.   More Info>>>

Current Italian Selection

Program currently suspended -- check back periodically for updates on subscriptions.

Read Terrific French & Italian Books Without a Dictionary!

Become a member of Linguality’s French or Italian Book Club and read recently published European fiction and nonfiction almost as effortlessly as you read books in English! The key is the extensive English glossary we place opposite every page of text.
re not talking about a few scattered definitions. EVERY difficult word and expression is defined, typically over 2,000 entries per book. It’s the Linguality innovation: current fiction and nonfiction with so much annotation you don’t need a translation, or even a dictionary. (To see a sample, click here for French; click here for Italian) With just an intermediate command of a foreign language, you can enjoy outstanding contemporary European literature and dramatically expand your vocabulary.

As a bonus, each of our titles comes with a FREE audio interview - a fascinating conversation in French or Italian with the author. We make it easy to understand by including a full transcript for you to follow.

"Beyond extraordinary"
—Il Bollettino

Great Stories, Great Introductory Price, No Ongoing Charges!

Subscribe today and we’ll send you the first two of six hard-bound books— each a wonderful story carefully selected by our editorial board—plus the author interviews on CD. You pay just $149 (plus $19 S&H*) for all six titles. Thats $28 per book, including the shipping. And there is no ongoing commitment. You're only charged once—when you place your order. Get our first two selections now; other books will follow every other month. Of course, you can cancel at any time if for any reason you decide the books are not for you. Theres absolutely NO RISK!

Becoming a member is easy. Order online, by phone, or by mail using our downloadable order form. Want to send a gift subscription? No problem. We've even got a gift card we can e-mail you.

For our mailing address, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have ANY questions, have a problem using our secure online shop, or would prefer to order by phone, call toll-free 1.888.273.2352.


*Additional airmail shipping charges apply outside the U.S.

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"Good ideas come along now and again; great ideas, very rarely.  This is a great one. I cannot imagine an aficionado of French lit who will not go bananas over these titles and their presentation... Great stuff."
—Steven Englund
Professor, American University of Paris
Directeur d'Études, l'École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales


—Laura K. Lawless, French language guide at

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